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LEONIE ARGUETTY was born on June 21st, 1996 (Friday) at 10:04 AM in Wellington, Florida. Her parents, Miriam and Isaac, immediately recognized her radiant beauty. And soon after, so did her brother Danny and sister Mihal. Leonie's younger sister, Arianna, was born in 1999, and the two connected and adored one another from the very first moment they met. Leonie is an attentive and nurturing big sister and little sister too. She loves being with the family, especially with her parents, who did not leave her alone, not even for a single night, in her first three years. On March 3rd 2003, over a year after Leonie’s passing, Itai, a brother we believe Leonie knows, was born. And on May 27th 2004 another sister, Alina, also joined the family.

Leonie gives UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to her family, friends, and strangers too. Her presence is SOOTHING, caring, and pleasing. The SPARKLE in her gorgeous green eyes is noticeable at all times.

She loves to LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST, has an insatiable appetite to learn and experience new things, and knows how to ENJOY AND APPRECIATE every moment. In her own words "AND THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE"…

One of Leonie's favorite things to do is TRAVEL. She took her first airplane trip, with her mommy, at the young age of six weeks to Denver, Colorado, where Danny was just beginning his University studies.

Thereafter, Leonie continuously traveled to many places worldwide. Some of her favorites are the top of the World Trade Center in NYC, the Eiffel tower in Paris, the leaning tower of Pisa, London, Tel-Aviv, and Tuscany.

She loves riding the train, especially the London to Paris Euro-Express, which rides underwater for part of its route. She always wants to sit by the window and watch the view; same on the airplanes - she loves the take off and landing. Once, she was so excited when she got to go into the cockpit from where she had the best view of the horizon. And then there are the long car drives, when she, of course, gazes out the window, and listens to her music.

Amazingly, Leonie can sit in a restaurant with adults and behave. She loves to eat a VARIETY OF FOODS; she's always open to tasting new flavors. But her one and only favorite is CHOCOLATE… She's definitely an Arguetty!

A natural PERFORMER AND ENTERTAINER, Leonie enjoys dancing, singing, painting, and playing the piano. Going to the theater, wherever she's at, is a must; it's a monthly event, and mommy knows that. And at home, she loves to act around, creating characters, making faces, and telling stories.

Some of the other activities she enjoys are playing tennis, ice-skating, trampoline jumping, and HORSEBACK RIDING. She started with a Pony (Patches) and at five years old switched to a horse (Sahara), learning how to trot and canter. And when she falls off the horse, she gets right back on. Leonie mostly loves to SWIM; we sometimes call her the little mermaid. She dives underwater for a long time, and pops up smiling and proud.

Leonie loves to SOCIALIZE, both with adults and kids of all ages. At parties, she is in charge of the LEMONADE STAND. She loves to entertain, and never wants the guests to leave. She also loves to speak on the PHONE; she has a phone book, which she uses often; her charming phone messages are infamous. Most of the time she calls just to say "I love you".

Leonie is a NATURE girl. She once said "LIFE IS LIFE" and she truly lives by this motto. She loves being outdoors, picking flowers and fruit, planting, and enjoying the fresh air. The MOON and RAINBOWS fascinate her. On full moon nights, Leonie, Arianna, and Mihal howl at the moon, and have a blast doing that.

Unsurprisingly, Leonie loves ANIMALS. Visiting zoos in different cities (Bazel, NY, London) is a must. But seeing animals in their natural habitat (The Lion Country Safari in Wellington) is her favorite. She always wants her daddy to take her where animals are. And her favorites are horses and dogs.

Other things she likes are playing games on the computer, viewing television and videos, watching fireworks, and naming her breakfast bites after the people she loves. She also likes being in school. One thing she does NOT like is going to sleep probably because her energetic self enjoys so much being awake. But once she is asleep, it takes daddy a long time to wake her up.

She learned to read and write at an early age. BOOKS are a treat for her. Two days before her last trip to Colorado, Leonie put a note in her school cubby… It reads "I WILL NOT BE HERE". Mysteriously, Leonie's last airplane trip, after her passing, was from Denver to Florida, the reverse route of her first. The pilot said that he felt as if someone else was flying the plane.

Leonie's interests, hobbies, activities, likes, and pleasures are vast and colorful. Her immeasurable creativity, fun behavior, positive outlook, joyful attitude, loving heart, and embracing spirit are everywhere and always present. And most of all, she brings LOVE & LIGHT. Her travels continue and her spirit forever remains. Her luminous energy, her soul, is with us eternally.



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