Wind Merges Into the Wind...

The wind merges into the wind. The light blends into the light. The dust
becomes one with the dust. What support is there for the one who is
lamenting? Who has died? O, who has died? Meet together with the
God-realized, and inquire into this. What a wondrous thing has happened!
No one knows what happens after death. The one who is lamenting will
also arise and depart. Mortal beings are bound by the bonds of doubt
and attachment. When life becomes a dream, the blind man babbles and
grieves in vain. The Creator Being created this creation. It comes and
goes, subject to the Divine Will. No one dies; no one is capable of dying.
The Soul does not perish; it is imperishable. That which is known, does
not exist. I am a sacrifice to the one who knows this. Says Nanak, the Guru
has dispelled my doubt. No one dies; no one comes or goes (sggs 885).

  – Sri Guru Granth Sahib