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Will and Surrender: A Cosmic Dance of Love and Light

by Danny Arguetty
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Will and Surrender: A Cosmic Dance of Love and Light
Will was a theme I was extremely familiar with when I began my yoga practice several years ago. Push my body and work extremely hard - not an issue. Go deeper into a stretch -  I'll just push a little more and extend into the pain. Probably sounds a little familiar to some. Surrender, on the other hand, took me a little longer to grasp. You mean you want me not to push as hard and my body will actually open up more to the stretch? It seemed absurd, how would backing off make things better? I have been taught that forging ahead at full steam was the way to pass go and collect $200.

The more I began to play around with surrender the more my yoga practice began to blossom. More importantly was the realization that will and surrender is a dance that I performed not only when I was practicing yoga but also off the mat. I started noticing that there were so many places in my life where I would constantly push and will for change. The desire to constantly be in control or at least have the illusion that I was in control of the situation and that a solution was going to arise by pushing harder and harder. With that awareness in mind there have been times where I surrendered so much that I wasn't generating or propelling energy forward, which began to stagnate my life.

So how do we manage this dance of will and surrender? The beauty of the answer is that there isn't an easy-made formula; it boils down to our own personal tango. Just trying it out could be one way to start. Next time you find yourself stressing out or trying to forcefully change an event in your life ask yourself if the pressure and drama are serving you. If they aren't, remove some of the pressure and surrender to what is. If you wake up on a sunny morning to find yourself with no motivation or energy try engaging your will, take an action no matter how small and begin to move forward. The magic of the dance is that it never ends, it's a stunning opportunity to trip up a couple hundred times and get back up, and it brings countless opportunities to learn about patience, compassion, love, and light.



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